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Gradual Tanning Energise Moisturiser

Gradual Tanning Energise Moisturiser


Keep that perfect post-holiday tan without the sun beds with this formula which keeps you looking fresh and clean with a natural colour.

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Imagine if you could get a natural tan that looks perfectly like the real thing without the sun or beds? Imagine that tan was also sleek, non-streak and gave you 24hr hydration for protection against the elements.

Our boffins certainly knew how to get the job done. We’ve created an anti-orange GRADUAL tanning moisturiser for men which perfectly smoothers the skin for a non greasy, subttle and real holiday look.

Knowing you dont want to be pale one day and tanned the next, we’ve created a magnificent and incredibly subtle cream which begins to show within a few days of use. Like all Geeza products, it’s quick absorbing with a non greasy or sticky finish.

Keep your skin looking healthy and feeling energised with antioxidants to help maintain your skin’s natural defences without the sun which keeps your skin looking younger and fresh for longer.

Hydrate your skin and reinforce it against the elements with probably the best gradual tanning moisturiser on the market for men offering superb value. Luxury product’s dont need to be expensive. Geeza donates 20% of its profits to mental health charities for men across the UK.



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